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A board game dedicated to Latvian cultural medium 3 in 1

Kurland Windmill is a board game, based on an ancient game Nine Men’s Morris. Oldest board of it has been found in Egypt on a roof plate from a temple built around 1400 years b.C. This edition of the game is made to recollect unique historical treasures of Kurland and celebrate the spirit of the ancient game as well.

Rules of game: the object of the game is to build as many mills as possible and make sure that opponent cannot move on his turn. Three pieces, placed alongside on the lines on board, build a mill. Player, who builds a mill, may remove one of the opponent’s pieces from the board. Game ends, when one of players cannot build a mill anymore.
Content: game board, 10 character pieces: Krišjānis Barons, Zigfrīds Anna Meirovics, Dorothea (Duchess of Kurland), Jacob (Duke of Kurland), St. Catherine, vimba (fish), Kurland deer, Kurshi chap, Livs girl and Suiti woman, 16 plain pieces — 8 round and 8 square, woodcake medal „Go, Latvia!”, game rules; (LV, EN, DE, RU), description of the game board objects. (LV, EN, DE).

Annex – a trivia game for an unlimited number of participants.

Rules of game: in the beginning of a game the players agree upon who will be the game master, and how they will count the points (writing on a sheet or a blackboard, collecting tokens etc.). The game master reads object descriptions one by one in a random order from the annex. Other players try to guess the corresponding objects as fast as they can.

Checkers – the backside of Kurland Windmill gameboard is a checkerboard.

Produced in Latvia by Kokmaizites




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