Board Game VIDZEME, Kokmaizites


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VIDZEME – memory game dedicated to Latvian culturam medium

We have designed this game as a dedication to one of Latvian cultural and historical regions — Vidzeme. The area of contemporary Vidzeme is described since the foundation of the Archbishopric of Riga in 1201. In our game you will find gamepieces symbolizing Daugava waterway mentioned in Viking sagas, ”Tā svētā grāmata” by Ernst Glück (the first Latvian translation of the Bible), Marta of Zilaiskalns and the Palace of Light, as a dedication to Jāzeps Vītols and Latvian national pride — the library as a symbol of knowledge.

Content: 40 tiles with images: 10 sets of 4 tiles, which can also be divided into 20 sets of 2 tiles; game rules.

End of game: the game ends, when all tile sets are found and taken. The player with the biggest number of tiles is the winner.

Produced in Latvia by Kokmaizites




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